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January 20, 2018 , , , , ,

I have no idea the scope of my joy. It comes forth when I think there is nothing left, it fills the crevices of darkness with light, like water finding tiny gaps in mountain faces.

I will do everything possible to give voice and life to this persistent joy.

I will create each day, with the wild abandon of the free in my heart, knowing the creativity spurns forth the most unknown and untapped of understandings and reflections. I will see what is truly bothering me and giving me joy within my creation…teaching, composing, writing, loving, caring, living. It is all creation.

I will cry, oh I will cry! Cleansing my strong heart of all the anguish and pain that an unknowing world might put upon me.

I will sing with a voice so utterly mine, the air around me will change.

I will love with a heart gritty and real, wild and honest. I will love with a playfulness and an honesty that will unravel both myself and the ones being loved.

I will fill the world with more colour than I can handle.

Because joy is an entity and spirit that needs keeping alive, and I will do everything with a vital truth and realness that will be astonishing even to me.

Because we must take care of the joyful ones, the silent warriors that choose to live with the grace of joy, even in a world which does not always welcome it.

We must celebrate those who look as if everything is pure and easy, because it takes great courage to be exquisitely joyful.

I will do everything I can to bring forth this joy!

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