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year 7 and entrepreneurial

January 31, 2018 , , , , , ,

Setting up my Year 7 Music class:

Me: “So if you guys don’t keep it together for your prac lessons, it’ll be a double Musicianship lesson the following week to drive the point home.”

Sir Year 7: “Can it ever go the other way? Is it possible to earn a double prac?”

Me: “If you guys absolutely smash it out of the ballpark and we’re all done on the written tasks then yes, that’s possible towards the end of the term.”

Sir Year 7: “And every other week?!”

Me: “MY GOD, NO! I’ll be hitting the family-sized packet of Tim Tams every night!”

Sir Year 7, processing: “What if we BUY you the Tim Tams?”

Damn it, you’re not supposed to be entrepreneurial at Year 7!

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