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feisty little mini warrior

March 30, 2018 , , , , , , , ,

Today, I was asked by Tiny Little Plucky Miss Year 7 to be her “safe teacher”. I didn’t even realise that was a possible thing to be until today.

So I said, “I would be honoured to be!

…uh, what do I need to do for you?!”

She wanted a female teacher to check-in with as she travelled through school, life, puberty, friendships, and “just because”, if and when she needed it. She has a male home group teacher who is fabulous but, in her words, “Probably doesn’t want to talk periods!”

The outright humour + PLUCK of this kid! Man, I was laughing and my heart was over-flowing.

Because this gorgeous, feisty, vibrant, amazing little kiddie has autoimmune disease. She’s pint-sized for her age. She has monthly infusions to be able to just “do life”. Her family are EXTRAORDINARY. She is beloved. If she takes a beating out in the quadrangle, all the Year 7 boys rally up and are incredibly protective of her, demanding apologies on her behalf. She WANTS every ounce of every day that she is energetic enough to be present for.

There are loads of other female teachers she sees far more often + could have picked for the job. Why me?!

“Because you being small hasn’t stopped you doing your thing. You ARE big, even if you’re small. And you love every Year 7 in my class, even those that don’t want to be loved.”

OH MY FREAKIN’ GOD. My heart is exploding right now, and I just want to hug this tiny dot of a kid breathless and say:



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