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tiny steps to minutes of freedom

April 22, 2018 , , , , , , ,

Isn’t it incredible how some of the most concentrated worry comes from jobs which take a few minutes of daring to sit with and navigate?

Just a few minutes of getting focused can take away days and weeks of stress.

How is it that we spend so much time worrying rather than taking the tiny, incremental steps to undoing or doing, figuring out and problem-solving?

The thing is, we don’t want to problem-solve. We’re comfy on the edge, looking at the festering crater that is The Job/Email/Marking/Cleaning/Work/Conversation that needs to tackled. We doubt ourselves, rather than starting the process.

Sometimes it’s a big job which causes us to fear our abilities. But how can we possibly alleviate them without starting?!

Perhaps it’s actually taking the step, breaking through the fear-factor, and sitting in the discomfort.

Once you’re there, in the thick of it, or standing at the edge, you find a way to navigate. You recalibrate. You can’t help it.

The next day is doesn’t look quite as insurmountable. You’ve made a start.

Often, it is the THINKING REQUIRED which is the scariest thing, not the actually DOING. Once things are thought about, locked-in, on the calendar, in the diary, it’s not as challenging.

You don’t have to do it all at once.

You must have faith that you have what it takes to do it.

Look at those glorious paintings formed of hundreds of brushstrokes, or thousands of stitches in an elaborate embroidery, a fully-fledged adult after a million and one seconds of parenting, or climbing a mountain. These are all works of quiet persistence and incremental, tiny steps.

Focus. Look ahead.

Take the first step.

Spend the first few minutes getting uncomfortable, and you will be amazed at how much clarity can be found.

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