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cold-blooded killer

June 2, 2018 , , , , , ,

I am a cold-blooded killer.

You know when you’re in the middle of a choir rehearsal and the time is more SUPER-PRECIOUS than usual, and some form of insect life threatens to derail the absolute thread of concentration you’ve got going on with your choir?

That was this morning for me. We needed every minute and a huntsman spider was starting to unravel my Sop I section.

Me, totally on a mission: “Right, where is it?!”

They had it cornered on the edge of the wall.

I FLATTENED that spider. Take no prisoners. The GASP from my Sops! 😆 It was big enough that there was a sizable spatter on the floor, and juicy enough that I could feel the gross + revolting SLIDE of spider internal organs under my boot.

There were the usual reactions, and then, a tremulous Year 7 voice said:

“But what if it had a FAMILY?!”

It was honestly too funny.

So today, I am a murderer.

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