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the kwokkie diaries: day 3

June 28, 2018 , , , , , , , , , ,

Day 3: Vancouver to Toronto

Waiting, waiting, waiting…!

Flight delayed by just over an hour. Combined with me getting up super-early to do a final cleanup and get through security, and miraculously flying through that process, I ended up with 2 spare hours at the airport. Catching up on rest, reading, eating + movie-watching. Today was one of those travel days where you spend so much time in limbo that the minutes feel long and short at the same time. A transit day.

Vancouver International Airport


Steps taken: 15,593; mostly through sheer boredom and an absolute need to keep moving. I walked the Air Canada domestic terminal from end to end about a dozen times; receiving some funny looks from the Starbucks staff who were smack in the middle of the terminal. One started saluting me every time I made a lap, which is totally something I would do if I were in his shoes! It made me laugh.

Canadian coinage. I am not coping. 


One memorable meal or food item: You would NEVER EVER believe it, but I’m about to nominate AIRPLANE FOOD as my favourite thing eaten today. Let me put this into context. I was up at 5:00am. I got to the airport at 7:15am. My flight got delayed until 12:10pm. By the time I got ON that flight, anything sounded good I was so damn hungry, and I refused to buy the over-priced airport food because I knew I was getting a meal on the flight. It was chickpea curry with spinach and rice, which was all fine, but the dessert was a chocolate tart that tasted like they had scooped the insides of a dark chocolate Ferrero Rocher out and laid it into a shortcrust shell. And it tasted GOOD.


One special photograph: This kiddie watching planes, utterly engrossed, for almost 30 minutes while Mum + Dad looked after Baby No 2. She would run over to Dad to tell him something cool about the plane, then race right back to the window. I asked Mum + Dad if I could take one of the back of her as my favourite pic of the day, and remarkably and in the nicest way, they said yes.

One decent coffee: PASS. I was at an airport all day. ALTHOUGH – and please don’t slap me for this – the Starbucks I had was actually okay…!

Vancouver City Centre Station in the 6:00am light!


One amazing moment: Not so much a moment as a feeling that I always get when I travel, and persist in getting even now. I was on my way to the train station this morning at 6:15am, and I cannot help but get that wonderful flutter of excitement that comes with early morning travel. Especially on mornings which are crisp, fresh, and full of potential. That buzz wears off the moment I’m at the airport, but I have always loved this feeling of readiness and impending adventure. I get it often on Wednesday mornings before hitting Grammarphones rehearsal, especially if I’m on a mission with my choir and I have things I want to do, share, or show them. And also when I am down at Henley Square when there are only a few other souls around and it’s still that translucent morning light between night and dawn. It’s a feeling of absolute, brimming potential; you’ve got things to do, and you’re excited to be on your way. How lucky to have this feeling, this sense of limitlessness!

I was a lucky, lucky sod and got a whole row to myself!


One unplanned detour/adventure: The number of Australian accents I heard today in Vancouver Airport was extraordinary. And if weren’t so early into my trip, it would be totally homesick pang-worthy. This time, I was the one stopped by a retired couple from Perth who were on their way to Houston and, “just HAD to connect the dots as to why an Aussie accent was coming out of a little Asian body!”

A page from “The Science of Happiness”, my reading today. 


One act of kindness: I stayed in this amazing Airbnb apartment right in the middle of Vancouver CBD on the 23rd floor, and the owners said just to leave everything and they would take it from there. But I decided to set the alarm for 5:00am so that I could load sheets and towels into the washer and start a load, and do a clean up of the kitchen. I’m normally neat and tidy anyways, but I thought I’d leave with a super-light footprint, and make it a pleasure for that couple to walk into their apartment and see that it had been left in beautiful condition.


20 minutes reading: This Times Magazine I bought on a whim, and for obvious reasons! I am engrossed!

30 minutes composing: Mostly listening, editing, listening again, trying to say awake, more editing…! Managed to get an entire section of vocals edited, to a point where I don’t feel at creative war with it and that it’s done its final evolution. Looking forward to mucking into some haphazard and raw creating, now that I’ve done a day of detailed work.

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