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the kwokkie diaries: day 22

July 18, 2018 , , , , , , ,

The sunrise at Washington Reagan Airport at 6:13am, when the day was fuss-free and still full of possibility! 


Day 22: Washington to San Francisco…eventually!

It’s been a LOOOOOOOOOOOONNG day! Flying from Washington to San Francisco, and my flight got delayed by 3 hours due to the middle fuel tank not working properly. 😳

Plane was fine, just couldn’t access fuel from the centre tank of the plane. So we had to take the scenic route to San Francisco via Kansas City for a refuelling stop! 😂

Pit stop in Kansas City. I can now say that I’ve visited! 


But I’ve made it! And I am ETERNALLY grateful for the cooler weather, a temperate, walking-friendly 18 to 22 degrees, and LESS than 70% humidity.I had to put on a jumper! 😄

Various patches of sky flying from the east to west coast. Beautiful!



First meal in San Francisco; a vegetarian Muffuletta sandwich with grilled eggplant, grilled artichoke, chopped roasted veggie salad and olive chutney, which was delicious. Followed up by an over-the-top salted caramel + pretzel milkshake. FABULOUS! I was starving after getting off that plane!
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