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creativity is a slow-burn

August 4, 2019 , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Increasingly, I am realising that it’s the tiny little moments of work which add up to create a whole in anything, and it definitely applies to creative projects.

I used to block out large gaps of time to be creative. And I’d love this time and be productive; I’d play with ideas without pressure, I would get down snippets of melodies, and freely write and edit lyrics, I would improve my piano technique and find new sounds.

But lately, I have found a new magic, ease and productivity in the tiny, incremental steps. Each day, I have been waking up at 5:00am and writing. And from the writing has come a new playfulness and clarity. Having uninterrupted time to myself energises me, and allows me to articulate my ideas, in words and verbally. My interactions with my students are stronger, more perceptive, and more nuanced. I come from a strong place of being anchored.

And most unexpectedly, my creativity has come out to play in force. Through honing and polishing that pathway out of myself, I have unexpectedly created a conduit for my creativity and a sharpness and clarity in my ideas. I realise that the “bluntness” of my creative self that I felt when I left my words + music for too long was from lack of practise. Essentially, everyday, I am practising being more myself, seeing more of myself, having the creative conversation, and creating.

I am right on the edge of how I want to say things more often now than when I blocked out hours of creative time. My skills in catching ideas are wily and cunning. I’m right there with the idea, with the technique, with the ability to snatch the right word out of the cacophony because I have been using them daily.

I feel like a have a palette of creative tones in front of me, and I am allowed to paint nuanced, sophisticated pictures with my sounds and words.

And the most heart-flipping?

What if I applied this to connection in the classroom?

What if I applied this to my own relationships?

What if I applied this to my own courage and healing?

What if I unfurled parts of myself in the same way and I am playing with creativity?

There are so many places we can become more articulate and fluent in the language if we were to engage in the practise of the skills more, in tiny little steps of learning, discovery and play.

Your thoughts?

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