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roar of the beautiful, free, unstoppable one

June 3, 2018

Roar of the beautiful girl. My beautiful one, you count. You, the awkward, hilarious, amazing, extraordinary one. You hear me?

You count. You matter. So deeply. So very acutely and absolutely. 

You count, and your thoughts and values matter. You matter. You can get as eff-ing excited or emotional as you want. You do not have to make anyone else happy and you do not have to conform. You do not have to colour in the lines for anyone, or twist yourself into any shape that is not truly you. Everything you are, my darling one, matters so damn much it hurts. 

So sing out, my lovely.






Oh, the world will HEAR and EMBRACE the mighty, earthy, ROAR of you, my beautiful, wholesome, overflowing, belligerent, fiery woman. You will not be stamped out or held down. You will not be backed into a corner.

And above all, you will not be sidelined by small minds and even smaller hearts.

You are, indeed, AWE-SOME AND AWE-INSPIRING when you are in full joy and full flight. 

And you know what? That scares the SHIT out of them. That scares the LIVING, BREATHING SHIT out of them.

What a laughable concept! That all you need to do is be yourself to make the ground shake under the feet or your adversaries.

You don’t have to apologise for being beautifully yourself, beautifully heartfelt, beautifully vulnerable.
Go and stand on the edge of conformity and ROAR, my DARLING BEAUTIFUL GIRL.

Yes, I’m a Year 6-12 Specialist Classroom Music teacher, but being in a secondary school comes with hilarious and awesome benefits. Like being asked to RIDE A STUDENT-BUILT HOVERCRAFT!

This was the coolest thing ever. We had Year 8 Science Week and a KID BUILT A HOVERCRAFT, from a leaf-blower, piece of wood, and a lightweight plastic chair.


a kid built a hovercraft!

June 3, 2018 1 Comment

a prayer for pumpkins

June 2, 2018

A little Autumn whimsy for a little Autumn soul!

Totally gorgeous!

totally beautiful and perfectly imperfect

June 2, 2018

first-generation freezing our butts off!

June 2, 2018

Because I am first generation Chinese Australian and we don’t DO inside heating and cooling, I am presently wearing a beanie, several merino wool pullovers, down jacket, polar-fleece blanket, Explorer socks, Ugg boots, thermals, lined trackkies, and fingerless gloves. If you dropped me, I would bounce from all the padding.

Old habits die hard.

On the upside, I look like Maggie Smith in “The Lady in the Van”! She’s cool, so I must be!

cold-blooded killer

June 2, 2018

I am a cold-blooded killer.

You know when you’re in the middle of a choir rehearsal and the time is more SUPER-PRECIOUS than usual, and some form of insect life threatens to derail the absolute thread of concentration you’ve got going on with your choir?

That was this morning for me. We needed every minute and a huntsman spider was starting to unravel my Sop I section.

Me, totally on a mission: “Right, where is it?!”

They had it cornered on the edge of the wall.

I FLATTENED that spider. Take no prisoners. The GASP from my Sops! 😆 It was big enough that there was a sizable spatter on the floor, and juicy enough that I could feel the gross + revolting SLIDE of spider internal organs under my boot.

There were the usual reactions, and then, a tremulous Year 7 voice said:

“But what if it had a FAMILY?!”

It was honestly too funny.

So today, I am a murderer.

A bullying experiment that makes you think. Just look at the difference between those 2 plants.



Bullying Experiment

May 15, 2018 1 Comment

the most thoughtful…!

May 15, 2018

Miss Year 8: “Hey Ms Kwok, I went op-shop shopping over the weekend and Mum + I found this, so we got for you!”

My goodness! 😍

In absolute honesty, it’s not COMPLETELY me, but the fact that a one Miss Year 8 spent her hard earned dollars on something stupidly colourful in the most thoughtful + spontaneous way on behalf of me?!

That got me completely. Thank you, gorgeous kidlet. 😊


the shoe-deposit borrowing system

May 14, 2018

Sir Year 7: “Can I please borrow a set of headphones?”

Me: “Sure. Please give me a shoe.”

Sir Year 7: “A what?!”

Me: “A shoe.”

Sir Year 7: “You mean, like a SHOE shoe? Like, on my foot kind of shoe?!”

Me, internally: “What other type of SHOE is there?!”
Me, outwardly: “Yep!”

Sir Year 7: “Wow, it’s hardcore here at Pulteney, isn’t it?!”


And the thing about having brand new shiny Year 7s is that you get SEVERAL kiddies with the same size foot, and the same level of newness/scuffness to their shoes, so when it comes to actually collecting their shoes at the end…well, GOOD LUCK. 😝

Sir Year 7 No. 1: “Nah, that’s mine!”

Sir Year 7 No. 2: “No way! Mine’s newer-looking!”

Sir Year 7 No. 1: “Okay, well…does it smell like your shoe or mine?”