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fly your own freak flag!

February 3, 2019

highest level of excellent

December 24, 2018

This is truly excellent.


steps of integrity, one at a time

October 16, 2017

More noise. Another noisy, NOISY day. Extraneous noise. So much annoying, assaulting, unrequited, unrequired, stupid, pathetic NOISE!

Of course I’m annoyed. What do I do?!

Find that quiet space in me that is safe, real and sacred. The place which no one else can touch; the place that is where my very heart is beating.

Keep walking, one step at at time.

Know that I am loved, and the MOST loved people do not need to be overt. They just know their intrinsic value. They don’t need to advertise it. And I REALLY need to remember that in moments where I am frustrated, and really want to proclaim to the world my worth. Stand firm. I don’t need to. Just find that space.

And just wonder…if anyone is going to all that trouble to create ALL THAT NOISE, wow, I must be one damn fine boss lady.

I must be creating quiet waves of momentum without even realising it.

You know how some people just resonate, and a fierce heat comes off them when they walk through the door, and they OWN without even meaning to?

Wow, that must be what I’m doing if I’m causing THIS. MUCH. FREAKIN’. NOISE.

The noise? It’s the chatter of a weak, spineless, soul-less, empty shell of a loudmouth.

It will take me a little more energy and courage, but I can steer my course. Quietly, deliberately, wonderfully, beautifully. I have the integrity. I just need to check into that over and over.

Have courage. Keep taking the steps. You have no idea the resonance you have, girl.


how teachers roll

October 4, 2017

Miss Year 12: “Ms Kwok, I wish you’d just yell at us because when you get DISAPPOINTED in us, we seriously walk out of Music feeling like the worst children ever.”

Me, inside voice: It’s working…*grin*