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accidental win

November 10, 2018

Madly running around this morning trying to locate a missing Concert Band kiddie for the Remembrance Day service and I happened to look over at our perpetually-late, never-quite-groomed-to-our-satisfaction, more-laid-back-than-a-drunk-lizard Sir Year 11, and said:

“It’s WAAAAAAAY more fun when it’s not you, hey?!”

The return grin was wide + genuine.

the cheese war is on

April 23, 2018

I’m about to head into our holiday Concert Band rehearsal + I dropped by Woollies to pick up lollies for my kiddies, and PLASTIC CHEESE STICKS for Sir Year 11 who told me my jokes were cheesy, then left a mini-camembert on my desk.

The Cheese War is ON. 😎

Everyone else gets a lollie, and he gets “Dairylea All-Natural Fridge Sticks”.



the cheese war continues, metaphorically + literally…!

April 14, 2018

I found this on my desk yesterday after lunch rehearsals.

Remember Sir Year 11 who called my jokes cheesy, then proceeded to dig a hole for himself by saying that they were “high quality cheese”?!

This is from him, goaded on by the Year 11 Music kiddies. Things have escalated. The CHEESE WAR is ON.

Metaphorically, linguistically, and literally.

He actually comes from a family who specialise in seriously AMAZING cheeses + other small goods, which makes this so damn hilarious.

So my next move is going to involve some generic, plastic Kraft Cheese Sticks. Let’s see how he copes with those!


war against germs

March 30, 2018

We had one very germy Miss Year 12 who came in especially to do her Solo Performance assessment today before going home to die quietly.

As she was getting ready, a one Sir Year 12 took a can of Glen20 from the side pocket of his backpack, (where the water bottle normally goes! ), and proceeded to spray a protective circle around himself and the healthy members of the class.

“I am NOT getting sick this year. I REFUSE to get sick this year!”

Poor Miss Year 12 is now feeling FABULOUSLY LOVED, and choking back incredulous laughter in between the coughing and spluttering.

And then he holds up the Glen20 and very seriously asks: “Ms Kwok, do you want a protective barrier as well?”

“Sure, why not?! Bring it on! Give me the Glen20 treatment!”

Next-level hypochondriac or smart-kiddie?! You decide.

year 7 and entrepreneurial

January 31, 2018

Setting up my Year 7 Music class:

Me: “So if you guys don’t keep it together for your prac lessons, it’ll be a double Musicianship lesson the following week to drive the point home.”

Sir Year 7: “Can it ever go the other way? Is it possible to earn a double prac?”

Me: “If you guys absolutely smash it out of the ballpark and we’re all done on the written tasks then yes, that’s possible towards the end of the term.”

Sir Year 7: “And every other week?!”

Me: “MY GOD, NO! I’ll be hitting the family-sized packet of Tim Tams every night!”

Sir Year 7, processing: “What if we BUY you the Tim Tams?”

Damn it, you’re not supposed to be entrepreneurial at Year 7!

first world boy problems

February 4, 2017


Instruction from me to Year 6s: “Nobody gets to start until every group has at least one girl, one guy, and someone you don’t normally work with!”

Sir Year 6, urgently to Year 6 guy comrades: “Quick! Guys! We gotta get a girl! SOMEBODY GET A GIRL!”

Oh my goodness. First tears of laughter for 2017.