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December 8, 2018

I am chameleon. 😎


November 10, 2018

Look at the awesome postcard wall my Year 11 tutor group kiddies are constructing! 😍

the kwokkie diaries: charlottetown is love

July 7, 2018

This filled my heart with joy. Look at this painted on the street as a crossing!

Charlottetown, how it fills my heart to see you being so open-hearted, loving + progressive!

creating a space all their own

April 27, 2018

My cousins + god-girlies have moved into their beautiful new home, where the girlies finally get their own rooms. And Mels + Vanessa have been busily individualising their rooms and totally unleashing their creativity. Auntie Annie Gu-Gu inspired, of course. 😁

This is seriously what I would have done to my own room when I was growing up if I wouldn’t have been whumped within an inch of my life for vandalising the family home.

How COOL is this?! 😍


Tomorrow, we plan to raid IKEA and Kmart for goodies to decorate their rooms with.

And of COURSE, I will spend a ridiculous amount totally living vicariously. 🤣


colourful gratitude

November 25, 2017

Bit of a cry-baby day.

Today, I watched my Year 6s “graduate” in their “Moving On” ceremony, and was so utterly proud of the beautiful young people they have grown into. The Year 6 class teachers this year are a total DREAM TEAM. And to watch them fly like homing pigeons to their parents with their letters of gratitude makes me teary every time, let alone this very special group.

And THEN, a beautiful combined thank you present from five of my Year 12s, this utterly gorgeous Tiff Manuell necklace, of which they invaded one of my lessons to give me. Let me tell you, I’m RELIEVED to find that FIVE of them had pooled their hard-earned money together, I couldn’t have accepted it from just one kid, these gorgeous necklaces are so expensive!

Thank you so much. An affecting, special, “rite of passage” sort of day. 

my colour + ocd tendencies are humming!

July 7, 2017

My colour and OCD tendencies are humming with joy right now! How cool is this?!



do you really like colour THAT much?!

April 24, 2017

One of my Year 8s asked me if I really liked colour THAT much. Now granted, I wear a lot of colour. Patterns that clash. Stockings and scarves in every shade and hue. I am drawn to spots and stripes like a moth to a beacon of light. But do I like colour THAT much?!

I like colour very much. But the daring and light-hearted ensembles I wear to school are as much for my students as for me. In the outfits that I love wearing to school, I’m just as self-conscious walking around in the supermarket after school for that errant cartoon of milk and 3 carrots that I need!

I think the love of pattern and colour is 70% that I actually LIKE colour, and 30% me taking the mickey out of the dress code in the most creative + playful way possible. All the hemlines are the right length, all the bits are covered, nothing’s hanging out, and I suck at heels. Is 1.5cms a heel? It’s an accidental bit of extra leverage!

But I wear these gorgeous, crazy outfits because I love my students and it’s one of the ways I tell them that they matter. Any teacher who comes in neatly dressed, organised, and on time, ready to interact with an open mind says to the students in no uncertain terms that they matter. 

I want them to know that they matter before I even start the lesson. Then in the flow of my words, the humour, and the organisation and preparation, they will see the example that I give them to hopefully inspire them to become good people living good lives.

I love the hilariousness of my Year 6s commenting on my earrings, or giving my scarf + stocking combos a mark out of 10. I feel bright eventually even if I don’t at the start of the day, and believe me, I don’t always roll out of bed feeling ready to tackle the day! My inner introvert screams blue murder some days, sated only by a nice spotted, fit + flare dress and cute blue booties!

But to answer your question, curious Little Miss Year 8, I DO love colour. But I love you lot most of all. And I celebrate the opportunity to affect your lives positively. 


April 19, 2017

The fabulous painted walls in the Prep School. LOVE this!

full colour

February 4, 2017


Today, I re-read a book I read in my early 20s. It was supposed to be a lightweight, warm fuzzy read, like pulling on an old jumper and smelling the neckline as I pulled it over my head. And yet, I found myself inside-out with emotion, seeing and feeling things with the sketchings and experiences of a decade further of life.


Every WORD seemed to shiver with colour; every thought and idea seemed to hold me by the shoulders and ask more of me. It was extraordinary to me that re-reading a book could uncover so many unseen puzzle pieces of sheer feeling and wisdom that I had no capacity to understand when I first read it, and hit me with full force navigating them now.


Like that there MUST be push and pull for love to blossom. And that you absolutely MUST be tender and vulnerable to live life fully, or you miss a moment, a day, a year. And that conventional, “perfect” beauty is nothing on raw beauty, and resonance of a lively spirit from within. That love does not know its own strength, stupidity, or stretch.


And that truly, really truly, the difference between what we want and where we are is “a width of an eyelash”, to quote the marvellous Judy Dench talking to the equally marvellous Maggie Smith. I loved that moment when I first saw it, but I didn’t know how to understand it, now I do. With all my being.


What if I were to ask the questions MORE, rather than waiting to be asked? However courageously I have lived my life yesterday, today brings new opportunities for learning and courage, being and loving. How is it that we think we know ourselves so well, and then in an instant, everything is changed, and we feel like we are seeing for the first time?


The wonder. The fear. The scariness and the joy of it all. I did not realise my own beauty, even though I have lived always striving to walk my own sacred ground. Comfortably, happily, and authentically. Yet STILL, I can shift and grow. I feel like I could dance and resonate five feet either way more than I did before.


Isn’t it amazing how keenly we cling to what gives us history and meaning, how much we need to understand, and want to know ourselves? And isn’t it amazing that we are born with a desire to create, to imagine, to adventure and discover, and to love. And the difference between a life lived to the full, with ragged pages worn from exploring everything, to pristine and safely read pages…is intent.

It’s the will to begin.

The dare to try.

The wonder to what if.


The width of an eyelash.

My goodness, if I have been blessed with a heart + mind, a life and imagination, I am not going to waste a moment more.


any one of these will do…!

March 12, 2016

I’m feeding my colour addiction! 😉