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well-loved, flying free

December 15, 2018

Exhausted + buoyant all at once. Thank you so much to the exceptionally excellent Pulteney staff I work with, whose words + laughter lifted me up and filled me to the brim today. I am so inspired by the joy, compassion + love you share with each other and myself. I am 4 (or more accurately, 3.88-ish! 😂) years old at Pulteney, and I love the feeling of realising I have become a little over-loved, dog-eared, and worn-in, in the best way possible.

Thank you. 😊

Flying joyfully free into holidays + feeling light, but anchored. 🌟

roar of the beautiful, free, unstoppable one

June 3, 2018

Roar of the beautiful girl. My beautiful one, you count. You, the awkward, hilarious, amazing, extraordinary one. You hear me?

You count. You matter. So deeply. So very acutely and absolutely. 

You count, and your thoughts and values matter. You matter. You can get as eff-ing excited or emotional as you want. You do not have to make anyone else happy and you do not have to conform. You do not have to colour in the lines for anyone, or twist yourself into any shape that is not truly you. Everything you are, my darling one, matters so damn much it hurts. 

So sing out, my lovely.






Oh, the world will HEAR and EMBRACE the mighty, earthy, ROAR of you, my beautiful, wholesome, overflowing, belligerent, fiery woman. You will not be stamped out or held down. You will not be backed into a corner.

And above all, you will not be sidelined by small minds and even smaller hearts.

You are, indeed, AWE-SOME AND AWE-INSPIRING when you are in full joy and full flight. 

And you know what? That scares the SHIT out of them. That scares the LIVING, BREATHING SHIT out of them.

What a laughable concept! That all you need to do is be yourself to make the ground shake under the feet or your adversaries.

You don’t have to apologise for being beautifully yourself, beautifully heartfelt, beautifully vulnerable.
Go and stand on the edge of conformity and ROAR, my DARLING BEAUTIFUL GIRL.


October 13, 2017 1 Comment

A joyful afternoon of wanderings in the Central Markets and along King William Road where I enjoyed the freedom and sun.

THIS joy is one you only get from the peace at the end of the holidays, being filled up and nourished by all the people you love so dearly in your inner-circle…and FINISHING Year 12 Moderation preparations!

“free” or “good”?

October 3, 2016

In response to Liz’s question, reading this line definitely gave me a thrill, even before I had read her post. 🌟
If “free” and “authentic” and “with integrity” overlap with “good”, then that is a wonderful thing.
But for me, “free”, along with “courageous” and “joyful” and “compassionate” and “authentic” and “with integrity” trumped “good”and MOST ESPECIALLY, “nice”, a long long long time ago. 😉
This one’s got fire in the belly, camouflaged by liberal sprinklings of spots, stripes, and colour! 😎


April 18, 2015 1 Comment

Could there be anything more beautiful than this!?

The joyful, spontaneous freedom that is this little girl…

Responding with full heart to what she sees…

Living…with all her heart!