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music teachers are “unique”!

August 3, 2019

Staff Member No. 1: “WHAT TIME were you at school this morning?!”
Me: “We were at school at 6:15 this morning + packed and on our way to Balaklava by 7:00am.”
Staff Member No. 1: “As in A-M-in-the-morning?!”
Me (Laughing because it was now currently 3:00pm and I was standing in front of him so what else could it be?): “Yep!”
Staff Member No. 1: “Why the hell would you…?”
Staff Member No. 2: “For God’s sake, stop questioning it! She’s a MUSIC TEACHER, they do STUPID SHIT LIKE THAT.”

choir love + parenting win!

August 3, 2019

Received this cracker of an email from a Year 7 parent today:
Dear Annie,
Just wanted to let you know how much Sir Year 7 is enjoying Grammarphones. He loves it and is walking around the house singing again!
His Dad not so much because of the early starts.
I’m great with it because it’s not my school-run day!
Thank you for all the fabulous work you’re doing with Sir Year 7, Grammarphones and for Pulteney in inspiring students to sing confidently and proudly.
With gratitude,
Mum of Sir Year 7
p.s. Please keep Grammarphones on Tuesdays.

prevention is key…!

July 6, 2019

Love this!


June 30, 2019

What a kid!

that’s one interpretation…!

June 28, 2019

Sir Year 6: “Waiting for the end of term to roll around is like watching a giant pimple grow and not being able to pop it. The suspense is killing me!”


Disgusting, but very apt.


June 10, 2019

My draft report comments are freakin’ DONE. I can’t promise coherency or even complete sentences, but there are WORDS for EVERY KID. Some even meet the character requirements.

Now believe me when I say I’m not trying to win any gold-star awards here, this is simply damage control for the weeks ahead for the up-coming music performances + concerts which obstruct my lovely clear pathway to holidays.


Current state: “Ha?! You speak-a the Engrish to me? I go over here to good drinking the nice wine!”, while my sorry-arse linguistic abilities recover from overuse.

“I no successful the Engrish speaking, one moment prease…”

(I can, I’m Asian. 😂)


June 8, 2019


#legocomplex + sonata form

June 1, 2019

Sir Year 12: “And that right there would be the end of the EXPOSITION, and the REASON why I know is because I built this god-damn giant Lego TOWER in Year 9 to represent the structure of Sonata Form. I have a total Lego complex now and still twitch, but hey, at least I can tell you everything about augmentation, fragmentation, diminution, and key relationships, right?!”

Me: “I never said it had to be Lego. You made that choice.”


student parent teacher interviews: living the dream

May 18, 2019

All teachers will know this to be true:

There’s a “head-down-eyes-down-make-a-beeline-for-nearest-exit” walk-run that ALL teachers do at the end of Student Parent Teacher interviews.

Leave the laptop behind, we ain’t doing any work tonight. Don’t worry about the lunchbox, there’s heaps of spare Tupperware at home.

Don’t look up, don’t engage, and for God’s sake, DO NOT SMILE AND LOOK WELCOMING.

Get. The. Hell. Out.

(I love teaching, I really do…! 😂)