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final 2017 wishes to everyone

January 1, 2018

Mine’s coming a little earlier because truthfully, I will be probably curled up on the couch fast asleep after dinner out at Henley tonight. 😂

T H A N K Y O U to you all for being part of my life and 2017. Thank you so much for loving me, encouraging me, laughing at/near/with me, reminding me to be the best version of me, swearing at/with me, bringing me wine, feeding me, letting me bawl my eyes out, and keeping me human. I hope I do the same for you all!

Thank you for your examples of courage which you don’t even know you do…those moments where each of you are being completely yourselves, engrossed in your work, raising families, creating, teaching, making, caring, loving, laughing…your examples of living life well encourage me to live my own life well. Especially when I feel like throwing the towel in. You inspire me so much, from my old students to current students, colleagues, friends, family, and my wonderful kindred spirits who pick me up, dust me off, and push me right back into the the craziness. I hate you for it at the time, but thank you. 😊

I wish you hope, peace, laughter, love, and joy for 2018.

Much love…Kwokkie X

year 12 survival kits 2017

September 30, 2017

And it starts…the making of the Year 12 Survival Kits for my Year 12 kiddies. This all started with when my Physics teacher in Year 12 gave us each a Mintie stuck to a Post-it note which read, “Good luck! But just in case, when nothing else works…!” And I’ve never forgotten that little burst of humour.

And so when I began teaching, I did the same for my very first class…a Mintie on a Post-it note, just to give that tiny nudge of encouragement.

And it’s grown into a tradition I love. Sharing with you all this year’s version. 🙂

The loot all over my living room rug! Laptop is so that I could Netflix while I assembled them. 😉