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let me help you

March 12, 2018

Let me love you.

Let me support you.

Here, I have enough.

You take it.

You need it more than I do.

Following your dreams.

I’m fine.

It’s okay.

Love, over and over.

This is a picture. And it makes me cry with its meaning.

a post-it note reminder to ME

April 25, 2017

There is a meeting today that I’m a little nervous about. Interestingly, it’s got nothing to do with my professional life; it’s in my personal. It’s the slightly on-guard and scary meeting that I hope I will have an open heart for, but every instinct in me fights to protect myself. I am afraid I won’t make the most of this pocket of time, that I’ll go in with a preconception, that it won’t be the best I am able to do at this exact moment.

So, in true Brené Brown fashion, I am writing myself some mental post-it notes:

That we are indeed all so fragile and needing love

That we all want to be seen, valued, and heard

To celebrate the playful and the imperfect

Forgive, forgive, forgive…the moments that have angered and stressed me out, the moments that I have not asked for, the moments that have taxed me, or taken some of my light because I was not gracious or mature enough to know how to handle them

That today has the potential to be joyful and fun, and that I can try and remember that

That I am more capable and courageous than I know

Stay in my own lane!

That all that I am is unique and special, that only I can be me

Love. There is ONLY love at the end of the day.

Let me be joyful, let me open my heart with love and compassion, and let me be my best. 

At the best moment, it will be a playful moment of sliding doors, it will be a fun outing.

At worst…well, this too shall pass, and there are people around me who love me so very much that this moment of time is only a tiny bit that is not spent with “ma tribe”!

I know myself. I know my light. Hold still, my beautiful vibrant heart. Love where you are able. 

Now let me have the courage and gentleness to open my heart, without apology, without sacrifice, just watching, listening, and present.