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Oh, this KID! That’s some FIERCE determination right there.

“I’d rather eat this damn onion than admit that I am wrong!”

Don’t we all get like that sometimes?!

oh, that determination!

February 3, 2018


February 1, 2018

Class of 2018 Musos carrying on the traditional of presenting me with a new lanyard.

how teaching works

January 31, 2018 1 Comment

And this is how coffee is converted to amazing teaching through magic!


year 7 and entrepreneurial

January 31, 2018

Setting up my Year 7 Music class:

Me: “So if you guys don’t keep it together for your prac lessons, it’ll be a double Musicianship lesson the following week to drive the point home.”

Sir Year 7: “Can it ever go the other way? Is it possible to earn a double prac?”

Me: “If you guys absolutely smash it out of the ballpark and we’re all done on the written tasks then yes, that’s possible towards the end of the term.”

Sir Year 7: “And every other week?!”

Me: “MY GOD, NO! I’ll be hitting the family-sized packet of Tim Tams every night!”

Sir Year 7, processing: “What if we BUY you the Tim Tams?”

Damn it, you’re not supposed to be entrepreneurial at Year 7!

tiny little disney ninja

January 30, 2018

I am on the kind side of “fair”, with a slightly competitive edge for “excellent”. I know this of myself and my teaching.

So it actually warms my heart to hear the following:

Sir Year 12 to Sir Year 11:

“Yeah, don’t be fooled. She’s like a tiny, deadly colourful little Disney ninja who can kick your arse. Seriously, just do whatever she’s asked you to do.”

Wise, my little grasshopper.

Love this. This is so clever.

“eye on you!”

January 29, 2018

accidental joy of a sir year 11

January 24, 2018

We had opening assembly today for students to collect timetables + get settled before Term 1 starts in earnest next week. I’m moving on up with my Year 11 Kennion-Miller kiddies and have a small mob of boys who range from “rat-bag” to “code-red, high alert, yell-at-the-walls” frustration level.

One of my “high alert” sirs spotted me walking into assembly, GRINNED at me, started waving excitedly and then remembered he wasn’t supposed to be so excited about seeing me after break, so promptly dropped his arm mid-wave and tried to look nonchalant.

Truthfully? I’m so excited to have my tutor group back again. So glad to see them all looking healthy + relaxed, even with impending frustrations to come.

happy nearly-end-of-holidays, fellow teachers!

January 17, 2018

Does anyone else do this?!

EVERY year, without fail during these holidays, I have the totally irrational thought of:

“I CAN’T HANDLE STUDENTS! I can’t go back!”

I reckon I’ve regressed this year because I’ve had such a complete and relaxing holidays. It’s now gone to:

“I CAN’T HANDLE PEOPLE. I can’t do mankind.”

Happy nearly-end-of-holidays, peoples!

it’s started…

January 6, 2018

It’s started. And I was SOOOOOOO smug.

Lasted 3 days.

Tanya Hennessy is awesome. That is all.


anti made-up makeup *laughing tears emoji*

January 1, 2018