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December 8, 2018

I am chameleon. 😎

creating a space all their own

April 27, 2018

My cousins + god-girlies have moved into their beautiful new home, where the girlies finally get their own rooms. And Mels + Vanessa have been busily individualising their rooms and totally unleashing their creativity. Auntie Annie Gu-Gu inspired, of course. 😁

This is seriously what I would have done to my own room when I was growing up if I wouldn’t have been whumped within an inch of my life for vandalising the family home.

How COOL is this?! 😍


Tomorrow, we plan to raid IKEA and Kmart for goodies to decorate their rooms with.

And of COURSE, I will spend a ridiculous amount totally living vicariously. 🤣


the big magic of creativity

January 22, 2018

Love Liz Gilbert, and so much admire what she has done creatively and personally. It’s not my path to walk in the same way as her, and probably never will be, but I admire that someone so sensitively aware of the world around her can be so free. And that freedom didn’t come naturally, she had to practise over and over. In so many respects, she has lived with a fullness, grittiness, and freedom so much above mine despite what the world decides to say about her. It cannot be easy, to be in constant conversation with yourself and your fears. But so enlightening and exquisite, to know your own heart.

Her words on creativity have inspired me to do the best I can to keep the thread of creating going as I embark on a new school year. I will struggle with tiredness, competing demands, and being a vessel for solving problems, but I would like to try and keep my authentic voice, just a tiny little flame, alive for as much as I can.

Because creativity is as much rest, repose, and a life-source as silence. As necessary as breathing. Create, and you heal some part of the stress and struggle of the day. It is the means to articulate from the soul what you cannot in plain words.

On creativity [Richard Ford]

“Then quit.

I say that to you only because whatever you are doing right now is clearly bringing you no pleasure, only pain. Our time on earth is short and should be enjoyed. You should leave this dream behind and go find something else to do with your life.

…however, I will say this. If you happen to discover that after a few years away from your craft, that you have found nothing that takes its place in your life – nothing that fascinates you or moves you, or inspires you to the same degree that your craft did…well then, I am afraid that you will have no choice but to persevere.”


“I realised that, as a songwriter, the only thing I really do is make jewellery for the inside of other people’s minds. Music is nothing more than decoration for the imagination. And when you come to that realisation, the creative process becomes less tortured and more free. [Tom Waits]


“See over there

A created splendour

Made by one individual 

From things residual.”

[Patrick Kavanagh]

unveiling hope: “pulling back the curtain”

January 2, 2018

“Behind The Curtain” [Martin Watson, Miami]





the magic of reading

December 2, 2017

When I look back, I am so impressed again with the life-giving power of literature. If I were a young person today, trying to gain a sense of myself in the world, I would do that again by reading, just as I did when I was young.

[Maya Angelou]

Title Wave with Sue Fitzmaurice



year 12s can swim through swamps, too!

April 14, 2017

The most endearing show of imagination today!

I took a Year 7 Drama relief lesson this morning and sent 2 of the groups out on the landing between Music + the Centre for Senior Learning to rehearse. Two of my Year 12 Music kiddies stood at the edge of the unfolding creation, waiting for a good moment to cross over:

Sir Year 12: “Okay, so where are we right now?”
Sir Year 7: “We’re in a forest, with a swamp in the middle!”
Sir Year 12 to Miss Year 12, with resignation: “Okay. I guess we swim!”

So they did! My AWESOME Year 12s “swam” through the deep, dark, murky waters of The Swamp, navigated The Forest, and safely traversed into the Centre for Senior Learning.

The Year 7s were thrilled.

And so was I. 😊🙌


December 24, 2015


I read an article this morning which got me thinking as to why I journal:

9 Reason Why Writing In Journal Should Be Your Only Resolution In The New Year

I am an avid journaller. I have written since I was 11 years old, when my Year 6 teacher said that I could improve my haphazard English if I wrote + read regularly, anything + everything, and that if i practised these skills, I could be as “articulate in my words + language as clearly as I could think my thoughts.”

What a magical idea to plant into the head of a precocious 11-year-old. What an extraordinarily insightful teacher.

So I became an avid reader of “anything + everything”; books, magazines, instruction booklets, recipes, wine labels (here’s where it started!), lolly wrappers, bread bags + cereal boxes.

And I wrote. Sometimes it was pages, sometimes it was a single sentence, but I always checked in with my thoughts. Glorious, haphazard, cascading words which tumbled from my mind + pen like colourful beads, threaded together in whatever way I wanted, in pure and beautiful creation. I loved that these words could resonate with my very being, I loved that I could actually make my language stronger + better, and I loved to be able to articulate the nuances of my thoughts in a way that allowed a myriad of new colours as I developed vocabulary.

Now…and I still write. I write for the pure joy of writing. I write because it allows me to see that passage of my thinking, and collect the value and worth from every corner of my thoughts.

I write for the flow of words…a thread of thoughts that sometimes don’t have meaning until I see them on the page. 

I write to understand + to make sense of happenings. 

I write, and suddenly I’m collecting hidden gems that never would have shown themselves in the flow of everyday thinking. 

I have an empty page in which to “imaginate”, and ideas blossom + cartwheel across the page in wild abandon. I can’t do that when I’m thinking in a linear fashion, or when I’m in teaching-mode…writing allows me to shift into 3D; to see every aspect of a concept, idea, thought, or emotion.

I practise my words. I practise language. I am constantly learning how to “good speak the Engrish”! My absolute love of the sounds + melody in language comes from the fact I do not have perfect command of it; I have to work to discover it every day. Every day, my word-palette grows. My ears are awakened to new cadences + harmonies in language. I’m like a magpie collecting sounds. 

I write and close my journal on the chaos, then I read it a few days later and marvel at how the chaos has suddenly become clarity, and that clarity speaks truly of what is going on in my head + heart, and what my next step should be. Sometimes the clarity is generous + full, other times I am stunned into silence, and I know I need to draw on my courage to take the next step. But there is never lack of clarity. 

Often I write, and I never read those words again. They have been sent off, they have been set free…but some heaviness has lifted, some clarity of focus has been given to me, and I am blessed with the next step. I know what I need to do. The words have afforded me clarity, compassion, integrity + freedom. 

It’s the draft before I speak in a conversation that I know will be hard…and somehow, the written words give courage + life to the ones I need to voice. 

I’m allowed to put the puzzle pieces in order. Those of you who know me very well will know that when I am completely wrecked + exhausted, I speak like Yoda. Without the wonderful wisdom. That’s also a quirk of the “Engrish-as-a-2nd-language”!

I write because I have a message, even if it’s one just for me, that I don’t even know I need to know yet!

Another funny quirk of having “Engrish-as-a-2nd-language” is that as I write, no combination of words is off limits. So some of my most unexpectedly lyrical, perfectly surprising pairings and strands of words happen because I just write. There are no rules, no corrections, no requirements, no frameworks. The open page is a place where I can give my thoughts + words a place to dance in whatever way they want. 

I write because I am a human being with a heart that beats. 

I write because I absolutely have to create. 

I write because I have a voice. 



What school could be!


THIS…along with Lego walls, beanbag classrooms, bubble-wrap dispensers, slides between floors, water-slide corridors, reading nooks + hammocks suspended from the ceilings…and spots and stripes…!

My Impossibly Amazing, Dream-World School! 🙂

July 9, 2015

colourful stockings!

April 26, 2015

I have a colour-addiction. It’s a full-blown problem, but I just don’t admit it!

I found these today…oh, I am in some SERIOUS TROUBLE…!