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autumn lullaby…the glorious sibelius file!

And, in the dulcet tones of Sibelius, here is how the complete score sounds!


March 7, 2015 2 Comments

composing for young men

March 3, 2015

sb10066654j-001Last year I had the pleasure of composing 2 pieces for the Pemulway Male Voice Choral Festival. This has such a special spot in my heart as I love all incarnations of the male voice…the pure bell sound of a treble, the raw fragility of a just-changed youth voice, the strident edge of a developing adult voice, and the limitless resonance, colour and strength of a fully-formed tenor, baritone or bass sound.

I always feels incredibly honoured to be part of this festival…the first time I composed for Pemulwuy in 2011, I looked down the long line of composers at the end of the final concert and realised I was the only female composer standing there, holding the only bunch of flowers…out-numbered, gloriously, and grinning and the marvellousness of this unique choral event!

In 2014, I was one of 2 female composers…slow and sure! A new world for us!

The choristers were divided into three vocal streams; treble, youth and adult. Seeing the recognition of “like-people” illuminate the choristers’ faces, especially of those from remote areas where they might be the sole strong male voice, was magic. The rehearsals oscillated from crazy to poignant, condensed masses of pure energy, raucous laughter, and controlled chaos…where men of all ages sang and celebrated their voices without limits or boundaries.

It was a wondrous happening!

I was invited to write for the Pemulwuy Youth A choir, under the direction of Jakub Martinec. I had 2 very distinct ideas for this age group of choristers; one a tender piece entitled You, and the second, a light-hearted look at the changing male voice in The Guy Voice. I ended up writing both, with You being performed by the Pemulwuy Youth A Choir, and The Guy Voice being gifted to the Birralee Blokes.

Please check out my next few posts to find out a little more about my 2 pieces!