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autumn lullaby…the glorious sibelius file!

And, in the dulcet tones of Sibelius, here is how the complete score sounds!


March 7, 2015 2 Comments

autumn lullaby…new composition

March 7, 2015

This composition was inspired by this week’s Autumn Leunig. There have been so many totally beautiful Leunigs of late that I can’t keep up with the sounds and ideas these poignant, whimsical words inspire!

Here’s the Leunig:


Autumn Lullaby [Original Leunig Words]

The days are getting shorter

The nights are getting longer

A part of me is weaker

Another part is stronger

Another summer’s over

And we are going under

We are going home how

To ponder and to wonder.


And here are my modified words:

Autumn Lullaby

The days are shorter

The nights getting longer

A part of me is weaker

And with each day

And with each night

Some other part of me is getting stronger every day

Another part of me is stronger than I know

Another part of me becomes a little tender

And we are going under for now

And we know that we are going home somehow

Carry me

Another summer falls down by the wayside

Some part of me lets go

And I know all of my heart

And I have time to dream

Let me ponder

Let me wonder

Let me dream.

“you”…a preview

March 3, 2015 1 Comment