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I wrote this piece for the inaugural Gondwana Voices National Choral School Young Composer Award in 2006.

It was premiered by Gondwana Voices in January 2006 + broadcast nationally by ABC Classic FM in June 2006.

It is entitled “Waking Dreamer”, with lyrics written to inspire + empower the young choristers of Gondwana Voices. It has been mistakenly titled, “Walking Dreamer”, which makes me laugh + I quite like! Inspires thoughts of industrious lemmings, or sleep-walkers on a mission! 😉

Performance Date: January 2010, Verbrugghen Hall, Conservatorium of Music in Sydney

Choir: Gondwana Singers

Conductor: Ben van Tienen

Pianist: Luke Byrne

Waking Dreamer

I am dawn, I am sunlight, I am the promise of a brand new day

I am sky, I am noontide, I am the wonder of an open page

Open eyes and see the world! 

Hush! I am the waking dreamer

Open eyes so much to tell!

Hush! I am the waking dreamer

There is a spirit alive within me

And all I dream, I dare to see

I am the laughter of the endless salty sea

The fragrant hush of mighty eucalyptus trees

The cutting cold of dead of night which stars so silently 

And every thought and sound is so alive in me

How blessed I must be to sing upon the winds of change

Winds of change! Turning, spinning, blurring, I’m a dreamer!

Waking dreamer, tumbling, spinning dreamer

Waking dreamer, touch the ground and 

I feel the ache of my history

I dare to write my reality

How blessed I may sing upon the winds of change

I feel the ache of history, I touch the searing pain

And though I tumble through each word, each page, each chapter read

I know that I can change the course of what is said

Dream and see, dream and believe!

Seeker! Sleeper! Speaker! See-er!

Dreamer, wake!

waking dreamer…a choral composition

January 1, 2016

the teacher’s ode to polyester

April 6, 2015

a poem, a la leunig


we give thanks for polyester

to the crumple-free garment

that looks hopefully up at you

even though you’ve rumpled it, stuffed it, tossed it, turned it, macerated it, lacerated it, forgotten about it…until now…

apricot embroidery zipper long sleeve polyester dress-f30293

that poor wrecked piece of clothing

that does not require ironing…looks quite angelic right now…

and while i am normally

somewhat of a fabric snob

a connoisseur of breathability

favouring the dulcet tones and textures of fine merino wool

or the soothing billows of cotton

oh polyester, you have my heart now

at 7:03am in the morning

when my lunch is still a frozen brick that i neglected to extract from the freezer

and my hair is still dripping wet, or in scary-weird, sleep-moulded astro-boy peaks


oh polyester of the cheap man-made fibres

of zero breathability

and maximum flammability

come, let me wear you!

and i will keep thee away from bunsen burners, drawing pins, and sharp doorways

and, cruel as i am to you

scrunching and stuffing you heartlessly into a corner of my wardrobe

with no hanger for sweet repose

still, you trust

still, you unravel

still, you become wrinkle-free

an unfolding

of unnatural synthetics

and eternal static

and i am filled with ridiculous appreciation for you.


oh polyester,

we give thanks!




Me and my highly abused but beautifully presented black 100% polyester performance dress.


autumn lullaby…new composition

March 7, 2015

This composition was inspired by this week’s Autumn Leunig. There have been so many totally beautiful Leunigs of late that I can’t keep up with the sounds and ideas these poignant, whimsical words inspire!

Here’s the Leunig:


Autumn Lullaby [Original Leunig Words]

The days are getting shorter

The nights are getting longer

A part of me is weaker

Another part is stronger

Another summer’s over

And we are going under

We are going home how

To ponder and to wonder.


And here are my modified words:

Autumn Lullaby

The days are shorter

The nights getting longer

A part of me is weaker

And with each day

And with each night

Some other part of me is getting stronger every day

Another part of me is stronger than I know

Another part of me becomes a little tender

And we are going under for now

And we know that we are going home somehow

Carry me

Another summer falls down by the wayside

Some part of me lets go

And I know all of my heart

And I have time to dream

Let me ponder

Let me wonder

Let me dream.

my corner of the sea…the words…

February 19, 2015


here I stand weightless and I’m still in my soul

in my own corner, in my own time

I am one child but I’m all of me

I am here living, I’m real, I’m free


when I’m standing on the edge of this great, untold ocean

I am free

I am beautiful

I can hear the whisperings of my heart

and when I’m standing on the edge looking far over you

salt winds dance!

there is light and fire!

I am captured by the magic of you, my corner of the sea.


I can dream longer I can hold time still

I can hear everything at my will

I can see life beyond what I know

with my eyes closed, my heart glows!


you help me believe I’m precious, wise and loved

I’m vital


resonating heart beat!

there is so much life I have in me

I live each day no knowing when I will be truly free

but here I am weightless

inside my heart

I’m free


I hold my heart by the hand, together we’ll wander


standing here I am peaceful, calm in my soul

I am carried by you now


here I stand weightless and I’m still in my soul

In my own corner, in my own time

I am one voice yet I sing my verse

there’s a rhyme and reason to all my words


you lift me up, you wash away my fears, fill my up endlessly!


little do I know of a perfect life

what I know is every corner of me

because of this corner of the sea

It’s my own corner of the sea.