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“The Guy Voice”…about the piece + lyrics

March 3, 2015


This is a light-hearted piece about the trials and tribulations of the changing voice, celebrating all its quirks and even putting the (very manly) “squeak” in the spotlight for some particularly brave choristers!

As a special interest classroom music teacher, I know the hilarious + sometimes stressful journey of discovery each male chorister makes in “finding their voice”. As a choral director, we are always trying to figure out ways to help minimise the “vocal blowout”; to help each chorister discover and strengthen the mechanisms of their new instrument…their newly changed voice.

Then I thought, how cool would it be if I actually WROTE the squeaks and the “accidental blowouts” and the girly falsettos into a piece of music?”

And “The Guy Voice” was born!


The Guy Voice

You’re not careful for a moment, and it slips

People ‘round you duck for cover

What’s that? What’s this?

A deafening silence of suppressed hilarity

For everyone around me…but me.


It’s The Guy Voice

Between “tween” and “manly”

Guy Voice

Can you understand me?

When I say no amount of hair product can fix it?

When I say no amount of good intent can guarantee my pride?

My manly pride.


It happens when I emphasise, or criticise or just plain get excited

And then all vocal hell breaks loose, my vocal chords just lose the plot and…

[Squeaky falsetto] *I find myself up here!*


It’s The Guy Voice

Between “tween” and “manly”

Guy Voice

Can you understand me?

When I say no amount of hairy chest can fix it?

Not even meditation, yoga, Zen, can guarantee my pride?

My manly pride.


Oh for the velvety tones of a baritone!

Heroic, resplendent, and fine

The bright and slightly drama-queen-y tenor

The plump warm “ba da du bahp” of a bass

But tragically the magic doesn’t always manifest

Not even with good posture and good diet

But maybe, just maybe

I just can’t deny it

I’m ever just so slightly

And so rightly just a little bit…proud…!


Of my Guy Voice

Of the squeak and the saintly

Guy Voice

And you really can’t blame me

‘Cos I can Disney any princess

I can Bieber and Beyoncé

I have the three essential bass notes that I need to harmonise

I got my pride (don’t you know it, and I got the style)

My manly pride (don’t you wish that you could talk to the whales?)

Just like I do (any frequency, it’s all possible)

I’ve got it all!

(Brave chorister improvises an 11th or 13th above chord in a falsetto squeak!)