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the kwokkie diaries: day 18

July 13, 2018

“Miss? Miss? Pardon me, are you from New York?”

Me: “No, just visiting. I’m from Australia.”

“Really?! ‘Cos DAMN, you walk like a New Yorker!”

Erratically + on a mission?! 

the kwokkie diaries: charlottetown is love

July 7, 2018

This filled my heart with joy. Look at this painted on the street as a crossing!

Charlottetown, how it fills my heart to see you being so open-hearted, loving + progressive!

the magic of magical people

November 12, 2017 1 Comment

Love this!

plain + simple, with a touch of pirate humour

April 24, 2016

It’s like having a conversation with an 8-year-old.

It’s plain + simple when you see it in these terms.

Apologies to the pirates!