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to be alive is to feel, completely + utterly!

July 6, 2016 1 Comment

One of the greatest joys + griefs of life is to really live, and really feel. To have a heart is to be human; to ache with grief, or sadness, or heartbreak is like wrenching spirit out of a soul, but it also means that we are alive, really, truly alive. 

Because what is a heart + life, if not for loving + connection?

In those moments of great sadness, or pure joy, however cracked-open and breathless you feel, know that there is no doubt that you are absolutely, positively, exquisitely alive.

I’d like that version of life any day!

Those with the greatest capacity for heartbreak have the greatest capacity to love. [Brené Brown]

my childhood “velveteen rabbit”…!

February 25, 2015

This beat-up little guy is my “velveteen rabbit”, the VERY EXTREME of REALNESS. He has been “loved” within an inch of his life!

Have a look a few posts back, and you’ll see the heart-warming excerpt about the original velveteen rabbit and what it means to be real, loved + authentic.

This guy is called “Friend-Friend”, he’s skinny from lack of stuffing, and his head is held on by being sewn onto the t-shirt…it’s actually been detached from his body for about 29 years now. And every day is unashamedly his birthday.