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Today I played some old-school party games with my Year 12 Tutor Group kiddies, who have been working hard + a little stressed of late. Along with the old favs like, “I Like People Who…” and “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”, I stole a few ideas from this video. Highly recommend! 🙌
We did “Baby Rattle”, which reduced us to all to tears of laughter as my normally mostly very mature Year 12s yelled like crazy people at each other to “JUST SHAKE THE DAMN BOTTLES!” 😂
We’ve got “Magic Carpet Ride”, “Movin’ On Up”, and “Office Tennis” to go. We completely ran out of time!
It was SO HILARIOUS + HEARTWARMING to see my big kiddies being little kiddies with such enthusiasm + gusto, and hear their much-needed laughter. 🥰

because big kiddies need to play sometimes

April 7, 2019

bubble wrap jacket!

April 18, 2015

Yesterday, I made a bubble-wrap jacket.

This is not your ordinary venture, granted…but where imagination meets with momentum and a dash of glorious stupidity, anything is possible!

I think this jacket has been cooking in my imagination for years, it’s just finally manifest itself into absolute, hilarious reality.

This is what started that little seed of and idea:


I LOVED this idea. I wanted to stand at a doorway after one of my classes with a large roll of the stuff and hand it out to my Year 11s and 12s near exam time. So much cheaper than therapy! So much more fun!

So…my jacket…!

Earlier this week, I flew to Sydney and had the chance to spend a few wonderful hours at my old stomping ground, the Conservatorium High School in Sydney, where I worked with the Year 11s and 12s on their compositions. Seeing them so focussed, and recalling the intensity of the year so far, as well as their own expectations of themselves filled my heart…and was the catalyst required to bring this jacket to life.

The next day, I flew home + started design + construction. The Super Jacket. The De-Stress Jacket of Epic Proportions. The ideas started coming in thick and fast…the students could have a Rocking Corner…it could be labelled with warning signs: “Fragile Student…Approach With Caution!” or “Fragile Student…Back Away Slowly!” And my favourite, the students could “Rock n’ Pop!”

After about an hour of creating + tailor-work, and almost the same amount of (sometimes surreptitious, sometime blatant) swearing, this is what I came up with…a beautiful, beautiful thing:

IMG_0103With the manufacturing details:


And the obligatory instructions for use:


In it went this morning to be posted to Sydney…and it just gets better!

Wrapped and ready, the very helpful sir at the counter, who couldn’t possibly have known what I was sending, asked me if I needed bubble-wrap.

I just lost it! I couldn’t help it!

“I think it will be totally fine!” I said to him…and then told him what it was.


So it is in transit as I write…and I cannot WAIT to here what the Year 12 Con High kiddies make of it!

Stay tuned! 🙂